Information about vaping & how it helps curb addictions

Almost everybody has heard about vape and hukkah trends among the youth these days. Business owners are coming with all sorts of flavours and new stylish venues to attract the kids for a puffy night out with their friends. Like coffee, tobacco is a substance that has not been banned or made illegal. The reason that these substances are not banned has nothing to do with their health benefits. Still, it is because of the influential industry master lobbying and buying government favours to keep these drugs away from the reach of prosecution.  Both these substances are equally as harmful and addictive as any other drugs available on the market. The public, in general, have accepted these substances to be safe and the UAE vape stores are thriving with business.

What is Addiction?

People can get addicted to anything that helps them release happy hormones inside the brain. Nicotine mainly is an addictive chemical, and it is a well-known fact. In many religions, the use of addictive matters is unacceptable and prohibited as much as alcohol. Despite every warning, the marketers are still succeeding in encouraging people to make bad choices and treat it as an everyday mundane occurrence. The only responsibility of the manufacturers starts and ends with labelling a one-line warning at the back of their well-packaged poison that cigarettes are injurious for health.

Other than that the sell and purchase of cigarettes is an entirely legal process, and people even treat it as a luxury of life. Smoking is an easy way to deal with the problem of stress, and people do not have time or interest in choosing the better options like working out and eating fresh fruits and vegetables to keep their minds in the best shape. There is a huge need to educate people on the subject of the harmful effects of smoking. Celebrities are only concerned about making a sizeable amount of money from the big industry sponsors.


People have to care about their health and stop copying the fictionalized characters in real life. Are you going to feel good after paying a visit to any Abu Dhabi vape store and smoking your health and wealth away at the same time? The answer is no. When your mind becomes used to of artificial happiness stimulants, you would not be able to find peace in the natural and real routine. If you are unable to get your daily dose, you can become irritated and paranoid.