Tips for Voice Overs

Tips for Voice Overs

Voice over is the process of recording the voice to be used in an audio production. Voice overs are often done by celebrities or people who have a pleasant sounding voice. There are many ways to prepare for doing a voice over, but here are a few tips that will help you sound great!

Listen to voice overs

You can prepare by listening to great voice overs. This will give you a feel for what is expected of you.

Don’t read word for word

You should have a script, but don’t read from it word for word or you will sound stiff and robotic. Instead do what actors call “finding the voice” – which means saying your words in different ways so they fit with how you would normally speak

Take breaks

If you are doing an audio book, make sure to take breaks every hour to preserve your vocal cords (you can use this time to eat snacks).


Practice makes perfect! Record yourself speaking into a microphone over and over again until your voice is perfected–this way you won’t make mistakes when recording live. Don’t skip on reading through the entire script before recording each line as this takes much less time than editing and fixing each individual line.

Maintain quietness

If you’re recording on the phone, try not to eat while speaking as chewing can be heard clearly through your microphone and sounds unprofessional. Make sure that the room is quiet so there isn’t any background noise picked up by your mic or equipment. Speaking with a clear and steady voice makes for a professional sounding read!

Don’t speak too slowly

If someone speaks too slowly it becomes difficult for listeners/viewers to pay attention (and they lose interest) but don’t talk too fast either because then people won’t understand what’s being said (it will sound like mumbling).​​

​​Speak naturally

Make sure you aren’t exaggerating your voice or mumbling words.​​