When to see a shoulder specialist

 Orthopaedic is the doctor of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. They diagnose and treat the disorders of bones. If you feel like you have pain in your shoulder and the pain has lasted for many weeks then you should make an appointment with the shoulder doctor. If your shoulder was injured in the past and you feel like the pain is coming back then also you should consult a doctor and get your shoulder examined by a shoulder specialist in UAE. Surgical procedures related to bone pain are time sensitive so it is necessary that the disease is diagnosed on time.

Here is a list of reasons that why one should get examined by the best neurologist in Dubai and by a shoulder specialist:

  • Rotator cuff is one of the most common cause of shoulder pain. Rotator cuff consists of a group of muscles and tendons that are around the shoulder joint. It causes pain mostly at night and in the day the pain is tolerable. Symptoms of rotator cuff tear include pain on movement, stiffness while lifting the arm and difficulty in moving the arm.
  • In daily routine while doing usual work if you feel like you have pain in lifting your arm over your head or you are unable to  move your arm backwards then you might have structural injury. Such treatments require treatment and does not fade away with time but only gets severe if not treated on time.
  • If you feel like your shoulder is snapping while working or  lifting any kind of weight with your shoulders then mostly you have labral tear. You need to consult your doctor for the diagnosis and treatment of these snaps. While lifting weight or playing a sport which requires throwing motion such pains originate.
  • Often sportsmen and athletes have this kind of pain that they are unable to reach across their bodies. This pain is mostly due to a condition called acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). 
  • If due to an accident your shoulder has popped out of place and on going to the emergency room the doctors had to put your shoulder back in place then there are many chances that you have damaged your rotator cuff or torn the labrum. In such cases there is a chance that you are shoulder will become unstable and there are high chances of dislocations again. So you need to consult a shoulder specialist that will use invasive methods to treat such problems.