Advantages of 3d printing

Additive manufacturing is called 3D printing in Dubai. In this Technology three-dimensional product is made from 3D computer file and some even make sanitation tunnel COVID from these 3d printing machines. A solid is made by the addition of layers. Many companies adopt this method to make prototype or other tools.

Apart from 3D printing there are two other ways to make a product prototype. One is called subtractive manufacturing and the other is called injection molding. In all of these technique 3D printing is the easiest and cheapest way to make prototype product. 

Here are few advantages of 3D printing:

  • 3D printing is much faster than other techniques used for building a prototype. Subtraction manufacturing and injection mould are quiet flow processes. With the help of 3D printing many prototypes can be made and one can iterate many models to make the best one. Work with 3D printer can be done within few hours. 
  • 3D printing has been available for a very long time but until 2010 not many people were using it for product prototyping. With the use of software one can easily belt digital 3D models. And within you are one can easily obtain 3D prototype.
  • The models and the products made by traditional manufacturing techniques do not guarantee the quality of the product. There is a chance of building a low quality for damaged prototype if something goes wrong. on the other hand, 3D printing in shows the best quality because it builds the product step-by-step so that each piece of the prototype is well enhanced.
  • If you draw if you draw a model on screen then there are many possibilities is that you could not identify the flaws in it. For that 3D printing is important so that one can feel and touch the products prototype full stop and on finding the problem one can draw a new 3D digital model.
  • The cost of 3D printing is quite low as compared to other traditional manufacturing technique. The traditional techniques require human labour. Apart from using expensive machineries one also need experienced machine operators. Labour cost is high and in one does not need labour.
  • 3D printing helps in making customised products. Traditional manufacturers make a model over and over again. on the other hand, 3D printing allows you to make unique designs of your customers choice.
  • Traditional manufacturers can make specific shape of models as they use moldand cutting Technologies to attain that shape. Symmetrically Complex shapes can be drawn easily by 3D printing without any challenge.